My constant struggle

Here is the poem i penned for the contest.

Please do read and share your opinions.

Inspired by theme given: The flight for freedom
Poem Title: My Constant struggle
Name: Sreepriya Menon ( Soulrecitals)
Country: India

Waking up was indeed a pain,
Even when my eyes were wide open,
I was like the dead soul within..
Conflicting was my thoughts.
Thoughts fiddling through a hurdle of thoughts.
Unbearable was the jittering of my soul.

Shutting my eyes,
I paused for a while.
The voices never stopped…
All I wanted to do was scream.
Out breaking every wall that clogged my freedom.

Gathering up my courage.
I opened my eyes,
It was time, my soul reminded me.
It was time to fly away.

Gathering all my energy, here I decided to voice out.
To let my pain be heard.
To show I have gained my power.
And here again,
I fly high.
Away into my freedom,
Where none could hurt me ever.
And I smiled again.

©Sreepriya Menon

Thank you.
#englishpoetry #contestentry


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