I am ok….

Ever wondered, why she might be upset. No, you discard it by saying, you are a puzzle, I cannot understand.
But is she a puzzle, or just so enclosed and shut to her self, as she is unable to trust anyone.
Ever tried to open up her, the way she wants, and asked her what is her likes, dislikes, her dreams, her aspirations, or even what she loves the most in the world.
Ever tried to discover her smile, that comes out without any effort when she sees you happy. Ever wondered what actually makes her happier?
Again it’s tough because you can’t put in your effort for it. It is true only the real man, takes the real effort to completely know her or accept her with every flaw that keeps her a beautiful soul.
Only The One.
And when asked she replies “I am ok”… And her mind whispers ” not today”.
#sreepriyawrites #soulrecitals #soulconnection

The World never understood

Somedays are quite,
Somedays are loud and messy,
It messes my thoughts,
Ruins my pods…
I wonder where i lost it,
When it comes to an end…
I struggled a lot…
To convince a lot,
Who never bothered,
Who never heard…
Stubborn as a rock,
Witnessing me chock,
All i did was, succumb to their nonsense
Which made no sense…
And I chose to remain silent
For, I didn’t want to be violent.
#mywords #worldneverchange