What’s wrong when men help in the household?

What’s wrong if men do household?

Many women, yes you heard it right women itself term ‘other woman’ whose husband helps her in household work as the ‘bad woman’ for treating her husband like that.
Are we laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle where there is a balancing of work among men and women…?

Still, this blame game remains.

What is wrong in men helping their wives or even his mom in the household, does that harm his manhood.

It might be his good heart, that he enjoys helping them all the time. Do not tag the woman who makes her husband help her with household or even childcare as a bitch or the man as his wife’s slave.
It takes a great deal for men in our society to do such tasks, appreciate their role in upbringing a strong foundation of equality among genders.

Appreciate even the tiniest effort.
It does make a big difference.
#womenpower #womanempowerment #betheman


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