Beware I am ugly… The result of typecasting

We all typecast people based on appearance, status, income, jobs, and much more.
But why?
Especially when it comes to appearance, it strikes an uneven balance.
I remember the times when i was a kid, i was fairly a plump girl and being that i was always bullied all lot.
If i dont eat, i was bullied because they assumed i was showing off.
If i eat, then ..oh my god, why are you eating this much….slow down? Your age kids should eat less.

The next thing was my rabbit teeth. The moment i smile, i was told i look ugly..shut your mouth and just smile without showing your teeth.

Don’t wear tight clothes, you look horrible, wear loose and long ones so that your butt is hidden.
Also, they blamed me not wearing traditional wear, in my school farewell, when all the time they were bullying me for being fat.

My confused mind didn’t know what to follow.
I went on eating… without any guilt until i realized, i should take care of myself rather than listening to these bull shit around me.

Let me be ugly or beautiful, people never accepted me as who i am.

There was a time when i bothered it a lot. But now i care a little.

Dont go with appearance, we are not born to impress everyone.
And we are not instant noodles to become thin or beautiful instantly. Take care of your self, irrespective of what that idiota around you say.
Be who you are. Be proud of being you.
#sreepriyawrites #typecasting #beyourself #loveyourself

Slow and steady

You need to make small and happy steps to move forward. It’s not easy, you might stumble and fall loose hope and courage to move … still, you need to ensure you dont give up.
Obstacles appear because you are truly working on it. Never give up on things that are appearing, they are just temporary obstacles..focus on your goals.

If we stop trying, how do we know what’s the result and what’s the best end to it.

#sreepriyawrites #nevergiveup

Do you cry?

Do you cry ??
Yea, everyone cries.
But do you know at times why she cries?
It’s not emotional hardship.
It’s her anger and frustration, she brings out in those tears.
She wana heal her from within.
She won’t cry for all the bullshit happening around her.
But for the bullshit within her.
Instead of exploding, she cries it out.
Like a volcano being run down by an iceberg.
But chill my darling!!. Crying is no problem.
Vent out your anger or just learn to ignore the ones who turns your head smoking hot.

Others will never understand why you cry, they just become your witness…

Never fear away from breaking away.
Even the waterfall cracks open the rocks to cascade it’s way down.

And cry, it does not show your weakness…
Only the strong can cry.

Stay strong and be who you are.

#herstory #bestrongandcourageous #strongwomen

Healing takes time

Ever noticed the pain behind the beauty.
The smile that hides the pain.
The pain is like the shards of glass…invisible but pricks you the most.
Healing is a tremendous process.
It comes with a lot of background processes.
No matter what the mess you are in..
Smoke away the pain.
Let it be burnt away.
You may not see those quaint cries.
But in the end, you will see, the strongest smile.
That can fade away the pain in others.
#sreepriyawrites #healingtakestime #bethecure #strongestsmile

It’s all a lie

People come to you, telling so many things that just skip away from your brain. Not a word goes into your heart nor your is because it is just a lie…
A sweet lie, that they repeat to obtain your attention..until you give them the odds again to fool around.
They say enormous lies…sweet and bitter..but they never imply anything to you, because they never cared for you when you needed them.
Your heart echoes to you ” its a lie darling”…never trust them again, they are here to hurt you again.
When you hear it, just trust your instincts…
Just walk away.
#lies #walkaway