I do it for myself

Sometimes speak for your self..if someone asks you why you need a job..tell them it’s for yourself.
Why you need to earn..? it’s for myself, to be independent.
Whatever you do, do it for yourself wholeheartedly.

If you marry a girl with a lot many dreams, watch her face, see when she is truly happy … Being independent or being dependent..watch the difference not through the blind eyes of society, but with eyes filled with love. If you find the difference, then be supportive.

Every girl should do something for her own self, not because she is selfish, because only when she is happy, people around her will be happy.
Every girl is brought up by her parents with the same amount of dreams, like any other boy, be someone who supports her like her parents.

It’s not just about girls, even boys have their dreams, dont burden them to be the sole breadwinner. As a woman, only you can support a man in what he does. Be the one who earns respect from him.

Every day does something, to keep your inner soul happy and satisfied.
#dosomethingforyourself #idoformyself

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