A working woman saga

Every day is a marathon for her, from morning till night. It all starts at 5 in the Morning…restless moment ahead, where she runs around handling cooking, cleaning, and then packing all the lunch boxes. Then she gets ready for work, there begins another responsible role for her. S he hassles through her work sticking her eyes on the clock..time ticks and she is all worried..in the background of her mind..she is worried what needs to be prepared for dinner…what her kids are doing. When time is almost 5 in the evening, her mind is exhausted now..she packs her bags, but then again she is loaded with work…she keeps working, but her eyes were focused on the clock on the wall..she knew she will be finished…for being late…she knew she was always accused of, working all the time..even when she managed to do all the work at home too..she was all blamed….someway she managed to finish all work and ran to the station. As usual, it was peak time..some how she managed to sneak into one train…Her heart was thumping harder, Again she rain from the station, she knew she will never be welcomed at home, for being late… but then she walked in, ignoring all those hatreds in eyes ..and then began all cooking and cleaning. She was weeping within every moment, but she went on like a robot. When all slept, she sat on the kitchen floor she was too tired to even weep. She sat silently gazing at something at a distance.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #workingwomansaga

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