Here or there… it’s all you

I do not want anything…
I do not want luxury.
I just need my time with you.
Here or anywhere.
Just beside you, my world resides.
Where i shed my vulnerabilities.
And be lost in our small talks.
Where i hear you.
And you hear me.
Nothing else seems amicable to my heart.
Than just being with you forever.
#sreepriyawrites #youandme. #lovepoems

They danced all night

Night or day,
It never mattered to them.
They held their hands..
And danced ahead.
The wind whispered the music to them.
And their feet tapped with it.
He loved grabbing her waist.
As she slid in closer to him.
Even though they were lost in their world.
Their eyes never deviated from each other…
Their eyes smiled endlessly.
Reciting the poems of love.
As their bodies brushed against each other…
They began to rehearse a poem of fervor…
As the rhythm ebbed.
They hugged each other.
Leaning their heads on to each other.
In the cadence of the night.
They weaved yet another world of desire.
#lovepoems #hisandherstory

Child labor – Silent killing of dreams

Today morning, this thought came through a conversation with a friend. And yes it made me think a lot. I looked at my daughters, i can’t imagine my ten-year-old taking care of a baby and doing household stuff.
Whenever child labor comes to our mind..we think of kids carrying bricks, working in a factory, etc.. but there is another silent killing happening in the name of ‘nannies’.
Ever thought about those kids, who are brought from their native place, in the name of a better life, and given just a meager amount in the name of the job.  Interestingly these are just kids, real kids whom i can’t imagine doing all these nanny jobs as well as household chores.
And what do they get… Only a pair of old clothes or maybe their family gets something like some amount for giving away their child to lifetime slavery.
Ever thought of educating them…than toiling in these jobs.
What does a better future you promise their parents to look like?
Ever thought about it.
Treat them like your own child, and give them what they deserve.
And be human to them.
#sreepriyawrites #thoughts #somethingssaidandunsaid #childlabor

Good Morning 🌇 – Move ahead

We all complain about not reaching what we want to do..or attain our goals..but did ever work on it…NO…we remain stagnant in our own complaints but never dare to move ahead..and still complain all the time. We forget that to reach…we need to move once.
#sreepriyawrites #goodmorning #moveahead #dontstaystill