Lost or not

An uncertainty clouding my mind.

i felt like the time is slipping away from us…

as i grew fonder for your presence.

i felt i was losing everything with you.

every moment with you is now counted.

am i losing you?

a fear gasped my thoughts.

succumbing a pain into me.

i gulped it like poison.

because life without you is equivalent to being dead.



#lovepoems #uncertainity

Divine Feelings

It is a divine feeling.
That these lamps bring in me.
The moment these lit up.
It brightens my inner soul.
Like a loner, i walk guided by these lights.
These are not just lamps.
It is the panorama that entices me.
The soothing dusk, the chirping birds setting off to their nests.
The silence of the earth.
The chants that ring in my ear.
The bells, that follow it.
It’s mystic and divine.
And I wish to be lost forever in it.
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Munnar travel diary

It was last summer holidays, on the way from Munnar, it was a beautiful roadway…i was so lost in those mesmerizing beauty that carpeted on those mountains..the layer of tea gardens was like green carpet like laid on those mountains..and it was breathtaking… It was almost an hour to sunset, but because it was cloudy, the sun seemed to hide away in those clouds..i sat gazing those droplets drizzling on my car window…for a moment i wished to stop the car and just walk. It was then i caught this site..a silent drizzle and fading sunlight…it was awesome to watch…i just stood gasping the moment…The atmosphere was scented with the smell of rain and the wet sand. And then this golden space captured in my eyes and my heart..when i decided to dissolve it in my mobile..to be a memory to look for…the rest of my life.

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Sail away.

I wish i could open a sail.
And just sail away.
Into infinity.
The boats taking me, away.
Into somewhere unknown.
Where no one judges me.
Nor evade my life.
The calm waters, take my breath away…
All i want to do is, dive into it.
Swim across the greenery.
A world i have never vouched.
Be touched and soaked in it. And as i climb ashore.
I just need my feet, dipped i those waters.
Where every droplet, plays with my cells.
#sreepriyawrites #zurichmemories #lakesinzurich #myphotography

Good morning 🌞- Quote to strengthen

Ever seen the rock run away, from the thrashing waves in the violent times. That’s bravery. In the recent incidents of attacks over India, it clearly shows how strong we are, to stand tall against the enemies. The weakest heart, the ones who fear fo lose play tactics to win , and that victory are never stable. Time and history show it.
ο”₯To the brave hearts who were martyred.
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