She was scared to be frail…and she lost..

Quite a normal day,
She never seemed to be disturbed.
Swimming across the room, contemplating her normal tasks of the day.
She skimmed through the household always.
Neither one around her knew she was feeling lost…
She was calculating something in her mind.
The moment she was exhausted, she crushed herself to the walls…crying for something she never knew..
She wept…but soon she stood up and got back to what she was doing.
She was afraid to show her weakness.
She was afraid to be called flimsy.
She locked every pain, every unusual thought within her.
One day…like from nowhere.
The storm within her.
Lashed out into the open.
And she was thrashed and locked up.
Injected with several medicines , that numbed her brain.

But she was half-dead, with those…
She lost her world..for which she kept herself quite…
Now she could never return, even if she wished to…
What was her fault?
Did she do wrong by keeping quiet?
Why she thought her world would never understand her..?
Why the world never bothered to even help her..?
Why she could not ask for help??
Ever thought about it.

#depressionawareness #herstory #depressionhelp

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