My train journey

These paths were never empty.
Every day it was filled with chatters and languages.
Some going to somewhere.
Some going anywhere.
Some drop off amidst of nowhere.
It was the usual general compartment journey.
When it began, there were people enough to fit on the seats…from upper to lower berth.
As the journey went on.
More and. More people boarded …
I sat amidst the crushing arms.
People staring here and there.
Wherever i looked, it was just eyes.
Leaving me no inch to move.
The only relief was the wind gushing in through those windows.
Even when i wanted to pee.
I did not move.
I sat along…
Hunger disturbed my mind.
Yet i sat, unmoving and rigid.
Because standing was far impossible…
I could see mothers, kids, old people around me.
But i was already numb…call me heartless…
But then i was unable to move.
It was now dark…
I could see the scenarios fade away from my eyes…
I wish everything went back to normal ..with a blink of an eye.
But sleeplessness never condoned me.
I sat, wondering what each person’s story was…
And then, amidst all these.
I took a small sleep…
When i woke up.
I was all famished i felt…
But again so many of my travel companions were gone…and new people came in..
Again i was lured into my thought cycles.
Finally, the last station arrived…
And there was another great rush to get down.
I sat watching these people toggle down.
I was exhausted…
But had thousands of stories in my mind…to be written…from their unspoken and spoken words…
#trainjourney #indianrailways

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