It’s ok, not to be ok

Sometimes we fall.
Sometimes we fail.
But we don’t realize..that it’s perfectly ok to fall or fail…
Depression is slowly creeping into our lives..eating our patience away.
Slowly and steadily we are depreciating our strength to live with a focus.
Things are changing.

New things get a life.
Some things are gone.
Nothing is the same
People who were accustomed to luxury are no more benefitting from it.
People who had thousands around them to applause are being deprived of it.
Now the normal is the abnormal we feared…
It’s ok..but not ok to many…
We are forgetting we are preserving mankind, with our efforts.
Stay calm..we are approaching the good..or the OK world.

Now you may not be ok….but it’s .perfectly ok to be not ok…
Cry, share your worry, talk to people ..connect…use what’s powerful in us. STAY STRONG!!爛爛爛爛
#sreepriyawrites #staystrong #fightdepression #consciousness

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