His wait…ended in her arms..

His arms were tied up.
Even then his eyes were focussed on her.
He looked up to the door.

He knew she would come, whatever happens.
Even though he was tired.
His eyes brightened when her shadow appeared.
She came running to him.
And untied him…
As every line of rope was removed.
There was a sudden gush of blood into every corner of his body.
He could feel his energy regained…
She hugged him.
And was continuously crying…
And scolding him.
But his eyes were on her..and his lips smiled.
She knew..he did it for her.
He suffered from her.
To take her away from that world.
His only weakness was her.
And there she was, now for him forever.
#sreepriyawrites #lovestory #himandher


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