Beach and the sand

As she removed her sandals…⛱⛱⛱
Stepping onto the beach sand.⛱⛱⛱
She felt the embrace of nature.
Slowly she walked barefoot to the waves calling her.
She stood, as the waves dived on to her.
Every time, it touched her feet, she wished it would sweep her away from this world.
To the underwater world.
She was impossible.‍♂️
So..she left her eyes, watch the bewitching sunset.
Imagining how the sun would sink into the ocean.
Or was it the ocean gulping the Sun.
Every day ended in their union.
Strange but beautiful.
Their union painted the sky red with jealousy.
At the end of the day, it was the ocean who got the sun…
Her thoughts returned to her feet, who was enjoying the caress of the waves…
Standing there as long as possible…until the dusk signed in…when she walked away…
#sreepriyawrites #beachandme #feetsandwaves #sandandbeach #sunsets


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