As strong as she is..

She sat, with the attitude to rule the world.邏
Even when fears engulfed her mind
She was determined, 
Not to show her fear of the world.
As the world around were termites who fed on fear.
She knew she could do many things.
And she was not to fail.拾
As the world around her wished she failed.
They tortured her, burdened her.
Emotionally tormented her.
But there again, she stood unharmed from these storms.鸞 Determined to run with the world…
For the marathon that never ended…
As she was never shattered.
And there Again she proved to be stronger…than expected.‍
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #womanpower

His wait…ended in her arms..

His arms were tied up.
Even then his eyes were focussed on her.
He looked up to the door.

He knew she would come, whatever happens.
Even though he was tired.
His eyes brightened when her shadow appeared.
She came running to him.
And untied him…
As every line of rope was removed.
There was a sudden gush of blood into every corner of his body.
He could feel his energy regained…
She hugged him.
And was continuously crying…
And scolding him.
But his eyes were on her..and his lips smiled.
She knew..he did it for her.
He suffered from her.
To take her away from that world.
His only weakness was her.
And there she was, now for him forever.
#sreepriyawrites #lovestory #himandher

Beach and the sand

As she removed her sandals…⛱⛱⛱
Stepping onto the beach sand.⛱⛱⛱
She felt the embrace of nature.
Slowly she walked barefoot to the waves calling her.
She stood, as the waves dived on to her.
Every time, it touched her feet, she wished it would sweep her away from this world.
To the underwater world.
She was impossible.‍♂️
So..she left her eyes, watch the bewitching sunset.
Imagining how the sun would sink into the ocean.
Or was it the ocean gulping the Sun.
Every day ended in their union.
Strange but beautiful.
Their union painted the sky red with jealousy.
At the end of the day, it was the ocean who got the sun…
Her thoughts returned to her feet, who was enjoying the caress of the waves…
Standing there as long as possible…until the dusk signed in…when she walked away…
#sreepriyawrites #beachandme #feetsandwaves #sandandbeach #sunsets