Stuck in her eyes..

He always wanted to be lost in her eyes…
The place he loved to be around.
Lost was he in its familiarity.
That he wanted to be embedded in it forever..
The  moment their eyes struck
It was the lightning in his heart.
He felt the impact deep down in his depths.
As she smiled.
He knew, what she felt..
He looked at her, with love, care, and affection…
Their eyes smiling.
Emanating that notes of love, that connected them …
An unhindered poise came in both.
And they stood lost in the paradise of their union…

Letters to the one.

殺Every day she wrote a letter to him.
It was all about how her day was.
And in the end how much she missed him.
Each letter she wrote, 
Had encapsulated her feelings in it.
Even as she sealed the envelope.
She knew he would sense the touch upon it.❤❤
For one sec,
She closed her eyes.
And held the letter close to her heart…as if it will carry a piece of her heart rhythm on it…
#sreepriyawrites #longdistancerelationship #writingletters

Torn pages

Sometimes i just wana shut my eyes,
Let my thoughts flow down me like the ink to the pen.
Bleeding my thoughts, that burns my den.
Yet, what i do is shut my eyes, and let the pages in me be torn away…
I let them be free and float away from me.
I set my thoughts free and arose into nothingness.
Where i remained.
And my soul lingered alone.
#sreepriyawrites #poemsonfreedom #setfree

Her freedom..her choice

She wanted freedom,
Freedom to be what she wants,
What if, being committed to another life was not her choice
All she chose,  was her happiness, can it be called selfishness?
She did not want to be enslaved in love or any relationship.
All she wanted was, her freedom,
Where she need not be answerable to anyone.
All she wanted was, to fall in love with everything she did…
Be on her own.
And be independent…
What if she wanted many things at a later time.
It’s her choice…!
A choice of her life,..!
All She Wanted, was a life, where she need not pay taxes for every breath of her someone whom she never needed.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid #womenoftheworld

Her story again…

Scared was her soul.
Unable to act to the unprecedented reality that pops up in front of her.
☠She was pushed to this life, and now she is left to suffer…
The ones who initiated her to jump into this life, just remained there staring at her and sometimes even ignoring her pain…
It was not her choice, but she was asked to pursue it. She was made to believe that it’s for her good.
In the end, only she suffered.
She burnt in it, even forgetting to revolt against it.
Alas!! She was silence.
☠☠As she had suffered enough in silence, she was dead even before they buried her.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid #whyareweherejusttosuffer