Star signs are defective or not ?

I love astrology always awed me and enthralled me. But I still don’t understand one aspect of it.
樂Is it gender biased??樂樂
Whenever a boy, don’t study or end up failing in exams or anything, the parents especially the moms, blame their stars, but the other way round, when a girl fails, it’s not the stars but all blame on her. 來來來
If a boy is arrogant or has any bad influence, their stars sign is weak..but again if it’s a girl, it’s because she is wrongly brought up or it’s because of her friends.
There are multiple instances when I heard the same.  
Interestingly, it’s mostly women who do it.蘿
Time to think樂 and implement a better way of explanations for being bad.
* am not a feminist
*just random thoughts.
#sreepriyawrites #randomthoughts #genderbias

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  1. Western astrology is basically flawed, as it was originally based on 13 months, until the calendar changed to 12 in most countries. That said, I do recognise some of the traits of ‘Pisces’ in my own character.
    Many thanks for following my blog. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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