Never let me go

Holding on to your fingers,
All I whispered was,
Never leave by my side.
As I never know,
How to live apart from you,
Neither do I know, to breathe without you.
You are the essence of my life,
Without which I am just lifeless…
Never leave me alone.
To a life without you.

#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems

In the rain, in you

You are like the rain,
I wanna soak in,
Sink into my skin,
Like never before,
Let me taste you,
Even more,
You are the only love potion,
That intoxicates me to the core…
Let me be soaked in you,
And the world is gone perpetually.
All I need is you and only you.

#sreepriyawrites #poems

Follow brain distancing

It’s really not easy to find people who can actually keep your mind happy. 
You find or stumble upon people who actually break you, make fool out of you,  strangle your thoughts, and even ignore your pain.蠟
That’s when distancing helps. Staying away from such people gives you peace of mind. Some people hardly understand what you say, and keep on troubling you until you take a step back and keep your distance. 
Nowadays though we have social distancing, we actually need brain helps a lot.
#braindistancing #stayawayfromnegativepeople

Star signs are defective or not ?

I love astrology always awed me and enthralled me. But I still don’t understand one aspect of it.
樂Is it gender biased??樂樂
Whenever a boy, don’t study or end up failing in exams or anything, the parents especially the moms, blame their stars, but the other way round, when a girl fails, it’s not the stars but all blame on her. 來來來
If a boy is arrogant or has any bad influence, their stars sign is weak..but again if it’s a girl, it’s because she is wrongly brought up or it’s because of her friends.
There are multiple instances when I heard the same.  
Interestingly, it’s mostly women who do it.蘿
Time to think樂 and implement a better way of explanations for being bad.
* am not a feminist
*just random thoughts.
#sreepriyawrites #randomthoughts #genderbias

Good morning 🌞- Quote of the day

Every confusion is the result of us working on it. Work ahead and you are sure to reach the right place in no time.

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