Warning ⚠️

If we could choose people like movies to watch, it would have been better. Most of them we end up are either now memories or the greatest mistakes ever done. And thankfully, the list is endless. Sometimes, i feel like we all are on a trial and error basis life. ..and yes we all get tired of it one day..yet we don’t end up in better choices.烙
If we really could filter people coming into our life…..life would have been peaceful and not a roller coaster ride.嵐

But again..then what fun in it..right?拾
But at least people could come up with a warning on their forehead.- “beware, i might break your heart.”.
Interesting, but not gonna work out. As life wants us to go through all shit before we come out like diamonds.
#sreepriyawrites #somethingssaidandunsaid #randomthougts

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