Invisible was her pain

She was playing as usual outside her home..when he came露‍♂️..everything seemed usual with him. He played with her, gave her a handful of chocolates..and even put her on his lap…telling her wonderful stories…‍
Again days passed…this went on for days…but she was changing gradually..which. none around her noticed. She was becoming silent and irritable. Nights and days haunted her…She was confused about what was going on around her and within her..臘‍♀️Even the closest to her discarded her emotions as being naughty and stubborn. She cried in pain, but all went in vain.
The moment she sees him, she ran away and hid.
When she began to revolt, he silenced her.
None around her responded to her sudden changes. The little mind struggled and struggled…
Suffering the disgusting pain.
At last, when she gathered her courage and complained about him… instead of him, she was locked up for being disgusting and bringing shame to the family…..‍‍‍
Her pain again went in vain.
As she grew up,  the pain became a tumor, that damaged her soul completely.
. Soulrecitals
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #childabuseawareness #pain


  1. It’s so sad that they are worried about the society and not about their own loved one..The girl.child is molested by a realtive but betrayed by her own loved ones…Really sad and tragic

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