As i shut my eyes…

Every time you whisper in my ears.
I know the words you speak.
I read it from your silence.
And the breaths that fall upon me;
Every breath is like fire melting me.
And i close my eyes to feel it all over me.
As i shut my eyes in your proximity,
All i feel is just you around me.
The way you grab me and pull me closer to you,
Awakening the hidden desires in me,
Gives me the meaning of life.
As i open my eyes.
I see my life..which is you.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #justlove #truelove

What aches me ??

I don’t know what aches me more?
Is it just the people around me or,
The devil within me.
It’s strange, that the devil in me instills a pain,
As reflux to the pain, i gain..
Hurting me much more.
Then i could bear..
Slowly i transform into the devil,
That hunts down people.
The pain in me transforms me into the devil, i am scared to be.
Fragmenting a piece of me like a morsel.
Another piece of ensemble revive the last piece of humanity remaining in me.
But Alas!! I become the devil…
Succumbing the other me to the pain the world instilled in me.
#sreepriyawrites #painandme #hurtquotes


I became the incomplete poem in your pages of life.
I became the undone song you hum.
I became the unfinished chapter of your life.
The moments have gone past.
Nothing remains the same.
Our world grew apart.
But i stopped breathing then.
Until you embraced me,
That’s when i felt being alive.
#sreepriyawrites #lovepoems #brokenhearts

My mirror

The moment  I saw you,
There was a spark,⚡
That just sparkled a piece of me in slumber.
And I saw a reflection,
It was like another piece of me, looking back at me.
But then I realized it was just you.
And you were the missing part of me…
And I could feel the invisible soul tangling within you and me.
You were away from my sight, something glaring hid you from me for so long..
And the moment my eyes struck on you,
I knew I do not want to lose you forever.


Life  gives you all the shit that you want you to shut away from the world.
 But again it’s not easy. 
臘‍♀️Even when you try to walk away, throwing away the last drop of care, it comes back as a gush of water toto soak you in it.
You need to drench in but don’t get soaked in it.☔☔
People want to defeat you, by inviting the weakness in you. Be bold enough to walk away from all the negative things..and enjoy your life.
You need not give a damn about anything.⛄⛄⛄
#sreepriyawrites #dontcareanymore