Those days…

It is just a normal day…isn’t it?
She could feel the cramps …dressed up to present her work …her face was turning gloomier.. a. A moment ago .the world seemed pretty and she was confident and now..she feels like running away and hide somewhere. The pain increases every now and then, she tried to place a smile on her lips..which looked and felt incomplete… A portion of her mind was raging…another one was weeping… It was hard to balance the emotions in her..she knew it was coming…but what else she could do to stop was regular visitor..who comes ruptures her emotions and sometimes leave her high and sometimes low.
She stood confused and each time she began to feel good…the pain arrived distinguishing each part of her very distinctly.
She knew nothing is gonna matter..her brain was exploding…and there she began to bleed ……
The tumult of emotions in her relaxed for a moment to let her accept the reality….and there again..she was upset for no reason..and sometimes…happy for no reason…
But the world around her thought she was just being aggressive or insane….unable to realize the plight of her emotional ride.


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