Love at first sight…

She looked at the tiny life that resides in her for months.
She slowly covered her fingers over the tiny one…
She could feel the heartbeats that were resonating in her heart too..
She was scared to hold it, as she was worried about hurting the tiny life.
She was fiddling the joy of her life in her arms.
Touching and feeling every inch of the baby,  who was so accustomed to her womb.
And now it is outside…

She couldn’t take her eyes off her little one…
She was amazed by her own potential to hold a life in her womb.
She caressed the baby,
Bringing it slowly closer to her chest.
And no matter what…she couldn’t resist the tears rolling down her eyes.
But yes, she was smiling from within and even outside…

Becoming a mom…
She never realized she could fall in love instantly.
#sreepriyawrites #beingmother #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid


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