Her D-Day

It was her D – day.
She was embellished in the best of best.
Her smile fascinating everyone around her.
She stood taking her vows for a happy life ahead.
Determined to sacrifice her joy of being at home.
For being just her…
As ..now onwards she will be tagged with a name..not the one with which she was born with.
But then…
Everything changed.
Her hopes and dreams were thrashed…
All they wanted to be was what came along with her…
The ones she believed blindly …becoming family..never even wanted her…but all the earthly pleasures she could bring in…
She was shattered…but never allowed to express it…
She lost everything.
Even her home…
She has pushed away, from everything she loved…
Even when she was silently suffering.
She remained silent, sleeping dead ….days after she became the gorgeous bride…
Her D-day devastated her life.
#sreepriyawrites #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid #notodowrysystem

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