Her D-Day

It was her D – day.
She was embellished in the best of best.
Her smile fascinating everyone around her.
She stood taking her vows for a happy life ahead.
Determined to sacrifice her joy of being at home.
For being just her…
As ..now onwards she will be tagged with a name..not the one with which she was born with.
But then…
Everything changed.
Her hopes and dreams were thrashed…
All they wanted to be was what came along with her…
The ones she believed blindly …becoming family..never even wanted her…but all the earthly pleasures she could bring in…
She was shattered…but never allowed to express it…
She lost everything.
Even her home…
She has pushed away, from everything she loved…
Even when she was silently suffering.
She remained silent, sleeping dead ….days after she became the gorgeous bride…
Her D-day devastated her life.
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Love at first sight…

She looked at the tiny life that resides in her for months.
She slowly covered her fingers over the tiny one…
She could feel the heartbeats that were resonating in her heart too..
She was scared to hold it, as she was worried about hurting the tiny life.
She was fiddling the joy of her life in her arms.
Touching and feeling every inch of the baby,  who was so accustomed to her womb.
And now it is outside…

She couldn’t take her eyes off her little one…
She was amazed by her own potential to hold a life in her womb.
She caressed the baby,
Bringing it slowly closer to her chest.
And no matter what…she couldn’t resist the tears rolling down her eyes.
But yes, she was smiling from within and even outside…

Becoming a mom…
She never realized she could fall in love instantly.
#sreepriyawrites #beingmother #herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid

Composed but chaos from within

All she wanted was happiness,
She never knew she was walking into a pit, that was camouflaged with a rainbow´îł.
Every time she was hurt, she was unable to cry.
Every time she wanted to scream, her lips were sealed…
Her screams and cries refracted within her….and killed her from within.
Her voice was unheard and she gradually became numb.
Her pain converted her from a brittle girl to a strong woman, who was hard as a rock.
Nothing melted her..nor broke her.
She cried within a lot, that..now she became dried up…
She was thrown away from every joy she could be a part of.
All she was gifted was the pain, which she never deserved.

She gradually transformed into a Woman with chaos within her…
She was so composed that the storm within her never became known. .

#herstory #somethingssaidandunsaid