The mother of the night

Every night i woke up, amidst the chaos of my little one crying…trying to calm her down and ensuring none got disturbed….the journey never ended there…there were endless nights.
Where i felt i might burst out…
Tiredness was bewitching my brain.
None to listen,
Only those two eyes overlooking me… for everything it was just me for her…
Every night was yet another challenge…
Some days i sat..
Some days walked like a zombie.
Some nights never existed, as the moment i shut my eyes it was the sunshine gleaming in…
Still, i wandered band wondered,
How i am gonna survive this stage…
Days and nights seemed falling harder upon me.
And all i did was watch her grow….and smile upon me.
That was the only sunshine, i could recollect all along.
#sreepriyawrites #beingmother
#motherhoodtales #somethingssaidandunsaid

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