Want to start Blogging – Just Do it

It is not easy, to begin with always. But worth starting.

I know many who are interested to start a blog, but they are all skeptical about their caliber. So let me tell you, – stop thinking too much, and start writing them down. You might have thousands of thoughts, that will be pulling you back and forth, but just begin to write.

When i began to write, i was too in a dilemma, whether to write or not. But if I had stopped then, I wouldn’t be writing then. You might encounter several obstacles, not only from your mind but from people, who might mock you for all the scribbles. You may not be perfect, buy, you may have something worthwhile to share.

Be it a story of continuous failure, or maybe it is your journey of continuous effort, which no one ever realized. It can be your simple and flavored thoughts or a journey unforgettable- it need not be someone’s favorite but it’s yours. It can be your daily journal, wherein you are jotting down in your adorned words.

Whatever it may be, it is your thoughts.

The very first time I did write, i was enthusiastically sharing my thoughts written, and yes had few friends who would criticize me, support me, and thankfully i still have them. When I began, i was not perfect …even now I am not perfect – still have a lot to learn- And I am still in the process of the same.

Try to write daily. You need not just write a lot to impress.. it can be just a few words to start with too. But do begin.

Now even Instagram has a bunch of writers, who are mesmerizing me now and then. You can start following them and reading them if you think you are lacking thoughts or has a writer’s block.

When you begin to write, make sure you do it regularly. Do not be upset with fewer followers, or fewer likes or less or no comments — people are so busy in their world – and it is unfair to ask them to do it.

True gems are not hidden, they outshine one day. So keep your hopes up and pour in your hearts while writing.

Share me your thoughts on how you began writing .. I would love to read them. Also tell me, how writing changed your life?

If you began writing getting motivated place your link in the comment – will surely visit and follow them.

Don’t forget to read through my step by step guide to start a blog

Thank you, Guys!!


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