Have you all gone nuts with everyday work?

This lockdown seems ideal for anyone, who want to engage in their hobby. Perfect time to start something new, learn something as well as awaken something, that has slept in you for a while.

Even though we all have chores to do, work to be done and much more, we all are sneaking out some time out, for our own things, something we always want to do. Most of us have been procrastinating that inner call and surrendering to the laziness that is ruling us from within. Yea, earlier it was our busy schedule to be blamed, now even though we could make time, we are settling for smaller things – that gives us temporary joy.

Don’t you think it is time to move on and find greater joy? –  Comment what gives you joy and happiness.

We all are either overworked or just underworked. Some times we all stuck in a transition on what needs to be done. Some days, I want to work so diligently and focused, yet my brain doesn’t seem to respond to me. And somedays, i am so involved that, even hunger never deviates me. I am still working on it, on how to keep my concentration level high.

As of now, i decided not to exhaust myself and miss out this rare opportunity to be with family.  Yet, there are instances, I lose some moments, because of my -lack of planning.

So let’s see, what all you can plan to make your day useful for you- end of the day.

  1. It all begins with planning – Am not a planner, even though i have seen the difference in having a few things planned and a few not planned. So being experienced in this,  trust me… a little planning will not put you on loss.
  2. Start early – Like we say, an early start gives you plenty of time to do things. Even if you miss out something here and there, you won’t be on loss.
  3. Take occasional breaks – Haven’t you heard of the story of a woodcutter – the one who takes sufficient breaks will have the energy to do things perfectly.
  4. Set goals – I am not a long term goal person, but try to stick to simple goals and try venturing them. Offer rewards for your self to motivate – like an extra half an hour break etc.
  5. Targets – Everyday work, has a target, the better you try to do, the better you try to achieve them. It is essential that you end the day well. Chill !! if you can’t, we will try the next day. To some like me, it takes a day more, still, I ensure i don’t run away from it.
  6. Yea Distraction- throw them away – We all are humans, so the tendency to get distracted is quite high if we are lil fiddling. Hence be sure, that you stay away from your distractions. At least TRY !!
  7. Twist and Turns – Once in a while, take your bum off the seats. If you are a parent, spend time with your child or take a walk maybe a brisk walk.. or cook something quick and instant, to savour your mind and tummy.
  8. Cook early – Dont plan your food, just before you wana eat, ending up in bad eating. Most of are sticking to unhealthy eating and binge eating. It is time we switch to a healthy start.

As I was saying,

Things are not easy, but not impossible.  The productive we get, the more we can invest in things we love to do. Just remember – in the end, it is you who is benefitted. 


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