A soul in soul

Until I met you,

I felt my soul was suffocating in me;

it wanted an expansion;

but never found the right soul to fill in;

as our eyes met,

a piece of me; was into you

even though we part ways;

a part of me remained in you;

until one day, it was completed ;

as I poured in half of me into you and half of you into me;

together we found a space of our own;

containing just ourselves;

Rained upon

All I could hear,

is the thunder;

but i felt it was the aching heart, that is yearning me;

as i gazed across the night sky,

which was ravishing with the clouds accumulating;

I gazed up into the sky, waiting for it to downpour

the shower i waited for long ;

i wanted to drench in it and be tasted with a dollop of it;

every drop were crystals of sugar;

and I felt i was being decorated as the bride for you;

to be savoured, with the freshness of the raindrops;





Skip the heartbeat

As I precipitate,

with every heartbeat ;

resonating the tales of love..

every song i played , recites the uncountable moments we had;

as I shut my eyes, i see your eyes,

magnetising me and my thoughts;

all i feel is the reverberating heart, that is echoing your name;

with every heartbeat, i skip a moment in me

and reach in you;

where I want to linger much more ;