The Mistake

It leaves me wondering,

do i ever exist in their eyes;

of the ones i ever wanted in my life;

invisible I am to them until they need me;

it breaks me every now and then;

poking my inner soul, is the grief, that I do not deserve

doing whatever that gave me happiness, never invoked  smile,

nor a word of appreciation, which i deserved…

it is like my happiness never ever counted in;

like i was invisible to the world around me;

ever since, the agony inflicted, I am burning to death every moment;

like even death never wanted to take me away…

abandoned I was ever since

I knew how to keep myself happier without other’s efforts.

did i conflict their idea of a slave;

even though i was born to be one, in their misconception;

which led me not to fail along in my journey called life.


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