The ocean in me

You remain the same in me;

even the time nor the wind of emotions can fade away;

as I shut my eyes,

as it begins to drizzle;

I feel that you are filling in me ;

like an ocean,

the waves of our mingling, thrash into the walls of my  skin;

reminding the longing I am in for;

the journey is treasured;

as i know I receive you in the end;

embracing and let all the waves I contained ;

to flow into you,

as I find the solace in your arms,

until then you are in me like a benediction,

I hum to survive.

A soul in soul

Until I met you,

I felt my soul was suffocating in me;

it wanted an expansion;

but never found the right soul to fill in;

as our eyes met,

a piece of me; was into you

even though we part ways;

a part of me remained in you;

until one day, it was completed ;

as I poured in half of me into you and half of you into me;

together we found a space of our own;

containing just ourselves;

Rained upon

All I could hear,

is the thunder;

but i felt it was the aching heart, that is yearning me;

as i gazed across the night sky,

which was ravishing with the clouds accumulating;

I gazed up into the sky, waiting for it to downpour

the shower i waited for long ;

i wanted to drench in it and be tasted with a dollop of it;

every drop were crystals of sugar;

and I felt i was being decorated as the bride for you;

to be savoured, with the freshness of the raindrops;





Skip the heartbeat

As I precipitate,

with every heartbeat ;

resonating the tales of love..

every song i played , recites the uncountable moments we had;

as I shut my eyes, i see your eyes,

magnetising me and my thoughts;

all i feel is the reverberating heart, that is echoing your name;

with every heartbeat, i skip a moment in me

and reach in you;

where I want to linger much more ;



Steps to Start a blog for an amateur during Lockdown in the Layman’s way

Most of us are on a break during the lockdown period, be it a student, parents or teachers, youngsters etc. Anyone can start off a youtube channel or even blog easily.  Why to just kill your self with boredom, when you can spare a few minutes and get started with all these new ways to share your expertise.

Be it a small or a big thing, that you know.

Be it be told by someone else, make your way out saying in your own way.

Don’t bother, if you see your ideas, everywhere already being told, create your own identity.

An idea can be told in 10-20 different ways, – So make use of it.

So here, I am just going to share a few steps, on how you can go about creating a blog from scratch.

I know, again, this must be quite a repetitive thing happening, this is my first time. So please bear with me.

So three steps – and Here you go with the blog.

Step 1:

Open In here you can click on the “Get Started”, appearing on the top right-hand corner.


Once you click on the same, you will be redirected to a page wherein you can enter your email address, your desired username for login purpose and the password. WordPress also gives you the option to use your existing google email id and apple id too.


Step 2:

Once done, you need to enter the domain name you want to choose for yourself . Once you type in the name, WordPress provides you with a list of options to choose from.


You can see various extensions, recommended and even paid available option. If you a newcomer, i would personally recommend you to go for the As the rest of them require a little investment, which is not ideal for a newbie.

Step 3:

Choose a plan if you require. I would personally choose to go with the free option and may become back later for a purchase-related plan when I am stable.


These plans are basically available in your WordPress dashboard anytime. Once you are stable enough to monetize your blog, you can do it.

Let’s get the rest Sorted

I should say, the new interface looks much more appealing than I had used to login in 2012.  It looks like this now :


The rest of the items to be attended are much easy to understand even for a layman.

Now all you want to do is post a new blog.

So let us see how you are gonna do it.

Oh !! Before that, you need to enter a site title and a tag line that emphasize your thoughts or your blog you want to put up. Trust me, with this free plan, you are going to change it so many times. I ha done it for a couple of years m before I decided my site name finally.

So if you are planning to switch from one to another, make use of the free option itself.


Also, don’t forget to confirm your login credentials by clicking on the link provided on your email.

Once all done, click on write- that is available on the right-hand side of your page.

You can see that WordPress never abandons a newbie, there are help options seen on your screen, whenever you navigate. make use of it, if you are in doubt.  Or just google it !!


After this, you get your page, wherein you are going to input your content. Nowadays, the WordPress blogs are in a block style, each block has different input  – like video, audio or image etc. You can choose accordingly. There is also an option for Classic editor, which will just give a plain page, wherein you can just write.


You can keep adding more blocks on your blog page. For a beginner, it doesn’t matter much. We just write and then we would need some images to be placed amidst the articles. To do so, we use the block with an image.


Now once the blog is written, then we need to add a  featured image, which can be found on the right-hand sidebar menu. Upon clicking it, you can either add a new image, from your system or if you want you can make use of the vast library of varied images on the free photo library.


Now it is the last thing to get you published.


You can either save as a draft or even publish it. If you are feeling that your blog is little incomplete, then you can save it for late. The articles not published will be saved on your drafts section.

You can click publish and you can see that your post is live on your page.

Just add a dash of Look and Feel

It is just not about the content, people who visit your blog also look for impelling look and feel. A human being is aesthetic beings majorly, so you need to work on your website designs. WordPress does provide you with free themes, and you can come up with a simple and unique layout and design, which are easy to implement using drag and dip mostly. At first, even I was confused, but yes, gradually one learns- though I am still in the process.

Sharing is Caring – Nope Publicizing

If you want to share your content across the social media, and flaunt your skills then you need to set the social sharing options.

Go to the WP Admin page.


In here you can set your social media profiles.


With these settings, your post when published will automatically be published on your social media pages without much effort.

But, yes, if you want to give a personalised intro to your post, you can do it, too.

Just a few tips to make yourself better at doing this :

  1. You can make use of Grammarly, to get your grammatical errors to vanish from your doc. If you are not confident about writing.
  2. Language is not a barrier, you can start your blog in any language as you like.
  3. Read other blogs and understand too.
  4. The more you read others and even like and follow their pages, the more viewers you get.
  5. Do not start with monetizing until unless you have something worth to invest.
  6. If you think you lack ideas, just start with scribbling anything that comes to your mind.

Remember, no one is an expert, Expertising is a process.

To Wrap up,

So here, is just a layman’s point of view on how to start a blog. Hope this comes handy to you.

Make your lockdown quite effective.