I found my Paradise in you

As you follow my trails.

On my skin,

You can skim through my hollows.
And as you slide in every single cell of mine…
You hear me breathe heavily…
Like the humming of my soul.
Ignited by your warmth…
Reading through my eyes.
Listening to the unspoken words.
Gliding in my thoughts.
As I glance through your eyes…
In you, I see my reflection.
And you can see my world in mine…
Embrace me like you never explored me…
I knew… I found my paradise in you…

Harmonious Symphonies- Yet another Poem Compilation Published(Get it Free Today & Tomorrow)


I call it an opportunity I grabbed.

When I joined Team Soulitaire it was something unknown to me. I was invited by Virat Tuli, who is a guiding force and a mentor for the group. Being an aspiring writer, I was just so excited to be in the group, even though i was not greatly active.

It was when we were all given an opportunity to submit poems to publish in Harmonious Symphonies. And I did not want to miss it. I did give four of my poems, which I had scribbled long back with the hope to get it published.

It was a long wait though.

And one fine morning I was taken by surprise with a participation certificate I received through email.


My joy knew no bounds, seeing my name out there. Even though it was just partially fulfilling my dream, it was too exciting. I felt my heart pumped much more and I was in the seventh heaven.

Good News

The book is available on Kindle for free just for Today and Tomorrow – https://www.amazon.in/Harmonious-Symphonies-Team-Soulitaire-ebook/dp/B082RQ4SBV/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_pl_foot_top?ie=UTF8

The collection has poems from almost 25 authors and I am just one among them. Published by Half Baked Beans, it is indeed a great initiative to encourage new upcoming authors and poets.

Don’t forget to grab a copy and put a review. It will keep inspiring all the authors who are writing and aspiring to be.

Interesting Tips to Never Give up on yourself

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is hard, yet not impossible !!

Yes, we all traverse through certain phases of life, where we tend to give up on ourselves. It is those moments when you feel, you are not doing the right thing, you just want to kill yourself or shut yourself into four walls and walk away from life. For a moment your thoughts are so clouded and nothing seems to be possible. It is a crucial moment , it passes too. But how?

Lets us walk through on situations we give up :

  1. Mostly we all give up , when we are into something new.
  2. We give up when we feel we don’t fit in.
  3. We give up when we are tired.
  4. Again, yet another reason we give up is when we are in a monotonous lifestyle.

If things were easier -it is not life.

If you want to get over a negative thought, then it is up to YOU. As there is none powerful than you around you. No one else can impress you or get you to keep moving ahead, other than you yourself.

All you need to do is talk to your self – there is none other to consult and convince sometimes. Even when we lead ourselves to talk to someone else, it is not going to help, because ultimately we do only what we want.

Focus and try to weigh the pros and cons of everything you do rather than giving up. Understand why you were failing and work on it. There is nothing unachievable with hard work. The key to anything is your attitude and hard work.

Before giving up, try why you were giving it up. If it is something you can work on, then it is always worth giving a try. Always a clear analysis gives you a  clear picture.

If you are doing something new, then you will be confronted by frowns , but can’t help it- either learn to wink it away or just stop doing. But what if you stop doing what you were up to, think who is on the loss? Is it them or you. Give priority to yourself (self-love is not harmful).

Grab your chances, there is no harm in taking a risk for once. Let people blabber. Those who cannot do, they just crib a lot than help you achieve it.

Keep a positive attitude toward things that are happening around you. It repels the negativeness around you.

It is all about choices- take it, you might not be lucky enough to get it next time.

As I was saying…

Never give up on things you do especially when you are objected by someone who may not even understand why you were doing it in the first place.