I was doing Injustice to my writings

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It’s maddening at times;

I felt I did deviate from my goals. I was someone who was into blogging for a long time (yea almost 8 years ). This year I promised myself to write more and enhance my writing. But again when I reviewed my last few weeks, I had done nothing.

And yes, it was an injustice to my own self.

The first thing that came into my mind was – I shouldn’t be doing this. How can I ever deviate from my passion? 

But yes, the other piece of me justified me, that I was over-occupied with work. This year, as I planned to take up new things , I did but it was only in the job front. A part of me felt I did injustice to my other half. These conflicting thoughts were raging and raiding my thoughts all the time.

Now even when my schedule is like in a pressure cooker, I am sitting here, jotting down my favorite nonsenses plugging in my favorite song in my ears, deafening my ears from the civilized me and my surroundings to jot down, my words.

Wow, I just feel so good now !!!

Finally, i am writing, something which my mind guides my mind blabbers and my lips don’t give away. I don’t know for how long, but I am going to keep up a schedule for myself and my blog. Maybe I may not have many readers , who are expecting me…

but, I just want to scribble again.. be like the wildflower who can drift away anytime.

I remember many times, I have asked my friends to do things, that they love. And here I m partially not doing it all the time.

But yes, I was not completely away from scribbling my thoughts. I kept scribbling in my Instagram account (follow me, if you still want to be connected with me) every now and then.

But, yeah… let me take things lil seriously now.

I am planning to scribble anything at least once in a week (time out of my personal and work). I am sharing it with you all my fellow writers and readers, so that, I would keep up the promise to myself. Yes, you guessed it right, I am too much bad in keeping up promises with me.

But not this time !!!

Thank you for being with me all the time.




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