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“Oh boy, do not cry, you are a shame to the boys“ “Being boy you are crying, shame on you“ “Be a boy, Don’t cry like a girl“ “You are a boy, don’t crib“ We all must have heard such comments that are prevailing in the society. Don’t you think that it is the harsh […]

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Crying is not a sign of the weak. Read my share with Candlesonline this week.

The wound lets the light to the inside

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A time there was,

when i was broken enough

not to be mended by any chance;

away was my soul,

treading far away from within me,

to destinations unknown

searching for the ones, whom I craved for,

neglecting the ones who were just a breath away,

finally, the wounds cracked open to let the light in,

into the deepest corners of my heart;

enlightening my thoughts;

finally to accept the ones, who held me closer,

when I was terrible.



Sacrificing something that you dearly wants – Do you get what you need doing that?

It is important to consider what you do when you are sacrificing something that means to you a lot.  Even though it is not easy, let us begin it from now on.

What exactly means sacrificing one’s life? “It simply means giving up something we dearly want for the sake of others’ happiness.” In this selfish world, does it really happen? Yes, it does. If you look around we can find an uncountable number of people who sacrifice every moment of their life for others. It is […]



Yet another week with Candlesonline, sharing my view and thoughts.

I melt down

Be my shadow,
and embrace me forever…
I yearn to melt in those arms,
every day and night;
as you approach me,
keeping a distance of a breath away,
my heartbeat rhythmic,
like it is being drugged.
my tongue reminds me of how you taste,
and my eyes never stop staring at you…
You just calm my mind, with your smile.
which is wavering like the waves thrashing on the rocks…
taking me away from the horizon of thoughts, you dive into me.
and I melt away like a burning candle.