A recall

brown and green maple leaf
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

It came as a shock to me, to realize I have changed a lot from what I was.

It confused me – did I change the way I should, or have I confined to the wall that was piling up on my world?

I simply recollect the time years before, when I first got my job. It was quite a happy moment. I was almost like any other girl, who was loaded with dreams and ambitions to be successful and happy.

Things changed when I now began to resume my job. Even though I am still the ambitious one, with all my dreams in my eyes… still somewhere I was lacking the push from within.

12 years before, my eyes were filled with the aspirations to achieve something. Over the years, burdened with responsibilities and commitments to other activities towards my family, I have become someone else.

Someone else- sometimes unknown to me.

I often gaze into the mirror, trying to identify who I have turned to become. But all I found was a rugged soul.

I reworked and reworked again it took time to polish into the present, yet the scars shined out.

The past is lost forever, I knew I would never be the same. But the new me is all ready for the take-off, but yes with lots of limitations. The ones with me are reluctant about the sky and never want to leave their nest, which leaves me abandoned half the way, not even in the middle.

Even amidst indifferences, here I am waving my arms high up to show , that I am awake, signaling my dreams to come back.

I hope to be the one I was long back.






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