Wandering through corridors of my thoughts…

Wandering through the corridors of my thoughts.

I stumbled on memories, long gone.

Pages torn and wretched.

And everywhere there was a bit of me and you.

Unable to part ways,

Even today and maybe tomorrow…

Even as you walked away,

It was impossible for me to tread away.

I walked over the remains of me,

Rekindling emotions I burned away.

The ashes just unfolded a new page in me.

Which became a broken shell of my life.

Yet I moved on…

Bearing the scars of yesterday,

Molding into a smile,

Hiding away the unknown from the known…

Becoming a riddle to myself.

The song of the night…

couple sitting on concrete dock

Photo by Brady Knoll on Pexels.com

The wind whispered the song

the song that reminds me of you…

it rings in my ears,,

tickling my tummy..

stimulating the butterflies within me..

i fall like rain..

wet and damp in your thoughts..

immersing every inch of you in me..

uncover every sheath of layer separating us..

even in thoughts, I relish being uncloaked in your arms.

as long as I could snuggle in your arms,

I wanted the smell of your skin,

exhilarating my thoughts,

teasing me to the core.