None to be blamed….

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None to be blamed,

I walk into my troubles, on my own

the vibe that negativity gives me

draws me into it, like a black hole..

the moment I am pulled into it,

I shed my cloak of eternity

and walk towards it,

expelling my light within…

brightening up the negatives

filing in life within…

and when I am no longer needed,

walk away with the darkness hidden in them..

like it is all filling into me

and I become home to it.




Breathing seems simple with you

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Walking away seems hard.

all it feels like with you is being safe…

the world seems to understand me less…

as your eyes read me…

even my wordless emotions,

find your ears in the perfect space..

it is hard to stay away from you,

as you hold me closely, your love seems gushing from my heart.

keeping me alive all along…

the moment I gave you my heart,

it became hard for my soul to trample away..

as I promised my heart to keep pounding…

until I see you right in front of me.




Like the fireflies

My heart treads away….

Dusk till Dawn….

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You never gave upon me..

or even loving me..

even when rode through the tough times…

you were just a heartbeat away from me..

As I enclose my fingers in yours..

I feel the warmth of home…

from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk..

all I wana do is immerse myself in those arms..

Attrition upon each other and shooting the salty dews into the thin air..

You take me as the queen when you are my king…

susurrate our names in each other’s ears…

with every intense feeling ringing in..

eliciting the in-depth feeling that can erode my insecurity

and make me sink into you…

like plunging into a deep sea of love.