Are you committed to whatever you do?

I am talking here about parenting as a commitment to fullfil.

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Your eyes mirror my thoughts

man and woman facing each other while hugging near river

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Every time I look at you,

all I see is a reflection of me, in you…

the way you run your fingers in the locks of my hair…

trailing your fingers down to my hips..

grabbing me closer to you ..

wherein I can feel the warmth of your breath on my skin..

your voice is like music to my ears..

when you whisper to my ears,

I get the tinkling feel, that just evokes all the hidden feelings..

and I just embrace you much tighter…

your beard rubbing my neck,

tickles my skin…

loosening my grip on your hands..

letting you slip away into my depths…

as I am lost in your eyes,

which is mirroring my thoughts.