A scar that remained

I was brittle then,

Unknown and poised

Craved for a candy

As sweet as it can be

Like any other child.

Filled with dreams and aspiration.

Until when those ugly hands crawled in.

It changed me..like I was infected.

A virus that changed me into a demon so impure.

Recurring it disturbed me.

Agonizing my inner soul.

Wished for thousands of times,

It was a dream again.

Something that pained,

But it remained like a scar forever.


Words scattered around,

Like uncovered pieces.

I revealed the true letters.

That let open the curves

As well the dents in me.

It was as nude as it was born afresh.

It never bewildered me…

All it did was intoxicate me

To let go more and more.

As I threw open my wallet filled with uncommon words and experiences

The world mocked me…

And broke me.

Yet I mended again.

Like my scars were unseen..

I left my words nude.

To attract true souls.


Writing helps many in different ways..

Find out how it helped me as a person..


Unending love

Emotions when conveyed in words does magic…
Sometimes we cannot convey in words..but the way we love depicts it..
Sreepriya Menon
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Unbroken touch

Love knows no bounds. To be loved truly is like a gift bestowed. Cherish the love of your life.
Sreepriya Menon
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