Every first matters.

Like the first love.

First crush..

First salary

First kiss

First time mom

And much more..

Here i am sharing my first job exp…

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Love tantrums

Love has various tantrums.
One among them is the cravings that arrive by missing…
Enjoy missing to be alive when kissing…
Sreepriya Menon
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Does Green mean “available”?

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Green is a colour I adore, but it doesn’t mean I keep it for showing something. So it’s no offence to the colour.

“Green, shows that you are available, it is a sign that you are bad women” – It shocked me and invoked thousands of questions in my mind.  Does being online show that a woman is open for anything? Is it something that relates to someone’s character?  It came as a shock to me, when someone pointed it to me.

Do I need to convince someone that I am not characterless and that being online had nothing to do with my character?

Is that what the new generation think about anyone being online on social media that they are characterless.

To me, it was quite shocking, as I never went ahead checking who was online all the time and went on judging their character. I wonder why people have to think that deep when these two have no relation. Being a writer, I write and keep my social media active, like every other person who is trying to be better off. I am not popular, but I do not need to grab attention to show off when things fall in the right place and everything happens correctly. It was blunt to be accused by someone who doesn’t know anything about you.

Everyone looks with a defective eye and assumes that the other person is imperfect. A green dot doesn’t mean that the person is open to all, there might be thousands of other reasons that need not be explained to someone.

Character assassination is every “so-called-respectful” person’s interest.

Just to let “so-called-good-people” to know, I am not what you think- to know what I am – you need to think beyond your narrow brain.






A scar that remained

I was brittle then,

Unknown and poised

Craved for a candy

As sweet as it can be

Like any other child.

Filled with dreams and aspiration.

Until when those ugly hands crawled in.

It changed I was infected.

A virus that changed me into a demon so impure.

Recurring it disturbed me.

Agonizing my inner soul.

Wished for thousands of times,

It was a dream again.

Something that pained,

But it remained like a scar forever.


Words scattered around,

Like uncovered pieces.

I revealed the true letters.

That let open the curves

As well the dents in me.

It was as nude as it was born afresh.

It never bewildered me…

All it did was intoxicate me

To let go more and more.

As I threw open my wallet filled with uncommon words and experiences

The world mocked me…

And broke me.

Yet I mended again.

Like my scars were unseen..

I left my words nude.

To attract true souls.