Paint Like an unknown art….

woman s face

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Scribble away your dreams;

in me;

let me be the canvas, you ever dreamed to paint on;

avail every colour you know;

to adorn me up;

I want to be the composition of your art;

the reflection of your love on me..

let me drip on your cape ;

like honey ;

as you devour me without hesitate;

and be reborn in your dreams ;

every time your annihilate me …

just like a tender wings ;

I caress your ardour;

to listen to the quiver I bring in you…

and rest in the rhythm it rings in my ears…


In my eyes…

woman s face

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You see the reflection of you in my eyes;

I held it closer than ever before;

scared to even drop a tear;

as I do not know;

you might flow away in it;

the tears stirred in my eyes like a tornado;

awaiting to be released;

I held it so tightly enclosed ;

as I was terrified to lose you…

I took you as my dream in eyes;

which I shall contain until my last breath…


woman s face

Left me in an anarchy

woman wearing fairy costume

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A butterfly I was,

flying in my own rhythm with nature;

when you came like a wind

blowing away me from my harmony

bringing in chaos to my thoughts..

you stirred away the colours of my wings;

like you were romancing with my wings..

all I could do, was stand still, as you reigned over me..

you left me, with the anarchy for a lifetime..



woman wearing fairy costume