An untold saga of a woman.

Born into A pile of responsibilities

My cradle of happiness

house near trees

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Let the words vanish away,

beyond my thoughts,

for you to be my words..

as i evade into my desires,

you accompany me

eluding my fears,

together you and me,

build our own heaven,

where nothing recedes

but progresses….

in our small heaven,

the nights are lit up by the fireflies, carrying every dream we dream about

the days filled with the blossoms, that smile day long…

in all the way, our home becomes the cradle of joy..




Oddities in love

man kissing woman on neck near swimming pool

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Grabbing me like a flower in your hand,

we dance around on the sheets,

fading away in the lights at times

shadowing my skin at times,

and enticing my fire beneath..

I wanna roll down into the thin sheets,

that mirror my naked skin,

invigorating your taste buds,

to feel the taste of me

together we brew the best of fantasies

that define our signature eccentricities

which lit us on fire,

as we love to wither together

under the rain, we bring in.