She met Her…

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She seemed lost ;

lost in the compulsions of the world;

nothing could make her fall in love;

as she was never the one, the others expected;

she traversed around the world;

when finally she met the one she ever wanted to be with;

their skins recited the same syllables,

their heart harmonised like the strings of the same rhythm ;

their eyes twinkled at the sight and thought of the other;

their love was true and to be cherished;

yet the world pulled them apart;

terming it unnatural;

even when the world threatened them;

they believed love was pure;

all they did was gather the courage to be what they were,

all they wanted was to breath on and live …

and finally, the world agreed to their abnormality,

which was normality for them…

she became one with her…

and the universe witnessed their uniqueness.


Lost in expectations

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I wondered once,

what my expectations were;

when I realised, I was never the one to do it,

as I was the one expected from;

burdened in those thoughts,

shattering my every step I climbed

I fell away

half the way;

unable to endure the pain ;

I decided to be suicidal;

which again, the death never expected me to be the one to accompany;

again I trailed in life ;

like a lost boat in the grand canyon ;

sailing as the wind bothered to push me along.