The tiny soul crushed on…

black and white black and white depressed depression
Photo by Kat Jayne on

Silently she walked on, 

With not even a drop of tear

or even a tinge of fear 

in her eyes….

anger flooded her tiny heart,

she felt impure…

The darkest hour of the time was his arrival. She would run away from the rooms, to the darkest corner of her space. She couldn’t speak of it to anyone, all she did was to silently suffer the same. AS his hands crawled on her, her tiny soul crushed under his zest. Unending desire in him, to rupture her every time he met her.

None knew her pain, 

None comforted her;

All she did was to suffer in pain…

She burned her soul in the fire of her pain,

finally arising like a phoenix from the ashes of her remains;

But, she was not the one she was before…

her innocence was traded for sin,

which she was a victim for…

now she became the devil 

where impurity reigned. 




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