Unknown edges collide…

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Boundless joy

I cherish

the moment I am with you…

Until you arrived

life was monotonous to my soul

you came like a glitter

that let me sparkle forever…

even when I burn,

it was under the heat you shower on me

even the coldest winter

made me sweat

when I am lost in you

discovering the unknown edges of you.



At the brim of my heart

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I chipped my ears

onto your hairy bosom.

all I could overhear

was your core

rhythmically echoing

my name…..repeatedly…

and it just tickled my every sense…

your fingers penning our story

on my bosom…

marking the precious existence on my skin…

which left me scarred ..

yet filled with love

oozing in my heart..

as if you lit me on fire…

and you linger around the brim of my skin..

just at the tip of my heart….

ready to plunge in…



Monument of Unrequited Love

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Unknown to me

is your side…

which makes me crave

for the complicated you

I crave to be the piece of you

that remains clinging to you

like an invisible scar,

that keeps burning

to┬áremind the time I had ever with you…

let us be together,

finally becoming a tombstone

monument of unrequited love…



Like raindrops..

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Traces of you….

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