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Like the wind

without any directions

the waves without destinations

without any contemplation

living in the purest essence

just like any flower budding today

and withering away with the next wind..

I want to live my life …

foliating into a new life

which is admired …





Depetaling me like 

deflowering the freshly

blossomed ones…

explore me into the mysterious levels…

where even the breeze never toured

I am like the frost in the winter garden

warm me up ..

all I do is to mirror

the repercussions you create in me..

to awaken the true self

and to receive you

like a boomerang …



Unhidden concupiscence

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Worlds drifting us away

when our souls are magnetised

repelling from each other seems impossible

even when away from me..

all I could feel the brushing of your hair.

underneath my sheath…

tantalizing my darkest urges ..

every drop of sweat trickling down

into my darkest corners..

urging the unsettling emotions

that bursts the

to refute.

Chronicles of a Just born 34

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Stepping into 30 was scary for me, as everybody gave a big hype about it in the earlier times. I still don’t feel like I am growing older, as I am still the same in the depth of my heart – Noisy, Lost and Childish.

It thought with age… I would grow better .. it is more intimidating for the rest, that I am not changing I believe. Hope They get used to that sooner.

The sooner the better.

Unlike others, I am never overwhelmed getting older, but all the more excited. For me, every day is a bonus – to achieve something I always dreamt of.

I try my best to get equipped with the ‘AGE’ thing, but as soon as the bday is over, I am back to my own realms of thought which nevertheless did grow.

Yet I am running in my 30s..

with all the confusions that likely I must solve on my own. Life is getting on another ride, with an unpredictable tomorrow or even just the next moments.. Still, I am gonna take it up. (anyways no other choice) .

As always:

NO Goals !!

No Pre-occupied thoughts !!

No specific resolutions !!

All I am going to dos i “Just Breathe”, I guess its enough for me to survive my journey. I will just fold my legs and sit and witness my angels grow up and start dealing with what all I just did and going to deal with in the future – may be a different way.

Am all set for my journey towards 40 😛

—–Chronicles of a just born 34