All I need is….

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All I need is.

a little more of me.

the one who is hiding away

All I need is

a little more of a smile

that you hide when you see me

All I need is

A little more of you

while I am with you.

All I need is

you to discover much more of me.

Smiles that missed in laughter

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The silence of the nights

you chose me to accompany you

many words left unsaid

smiles missed amidst waves of laughter

eyes collided now and then..

all I waited

was for that gesture

you shower me with

that is filler for my night

when I close my eyes ..

it is the only thing that brings meaning to my life

and I yearn for it,

every time we watch each other..

The memories of a page

All I could dust away

From the memories

Were you…

Yet…there remained

A part of me…

In those enclosed pages.

Where no words spilt.

But only innumerable memories

Were quoted

In those dried petals…

Which may be the reminiscence

Of the days we shared…