This is how Sudha Murthy saved me

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Every night is a story challenge for me… At times, even though i recollect pretty lot many stories, I keep forgetting them, at the time I really need them in my brain.

I guess i need to patch up with my memory soon, it just remembers the unwanted ones.

My little darlings need a story every night, Thanks to my mom, who at times saves me from this hurdle.

But, yes still I need a saviour at times. As my elder one who recently turned 9, is slowly getting an interest in reading, she is fond of reading all the small tales like Panchatantra ( which was almost getting dusted for past two years here) and the rest. I am in a searching spree to find new stories ..

And here I found my saviour…

Sudha Murthy

Her wonderful collections are quite engaging and Its so easy to keep in my mind, that I started reading more of her books, to recite a few to my kids. I am not an ‘avid reader’ – but an ‘excuse-reader’, hence it is tough for me to glue to books, yet I manage to read a few.

I wish, by the time age conquers me, I shall be well-read as I call it.

So, parents, who want to tell stories at nights at bedtime,  I would suggest Sudha Murthy’s collections.

Even I am interested to know, what all you read to your kids, Do suggest and help me explore more.



  1. The elder one can slowly start with Enid Blyton….very engaging stories which are hard to put down! And for the younger one, you can read from picture the kid will also read the story through the pictures (and you don’t have to read in advance and remember the story, you can read it from the book itself). For this, comics like peanuts and picture books like tenali Raman, Akbar-Birbal, Noddy and Winnie the Pooh are good reads.

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