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Challenging myself at times seems fun to me. The more I challenge myself, I feel like going about it. This time, whenever I open my social media accounts, All I see is # 100dayschallene, #30dayschallenge etc. .. looks fun to me and wanted to explore the same.

Being aspiring to be a better writer every day,  I use Yourquote app, Mirakee app etc, that gives enough prompts to satisfy my writing skills. It is all the more exciting to take up such challenges that nurture my skill.

But , I am in a dilemma, what to take up and how to go about it?

It is all the more demanding to take up 365 days challenge – I kept thinking should I go for a #30days, or even #100days – But whatever I take p, deciding on what to write on is a greater challenge….

So here I come up with a question, I hope my fellow bloggers will help me get over with this confusions..

Suggest me is it worth going for it .

What should I be writing on ?

or like what you prefer to read from me ?

Hope to get some answers on the same..

I know many are lazy to prompt answers to such requests, but I request wholeheartedly to help me here.


  1. I am never lazy in these matters. 😛

    Who says for being an aspiring writer you need to be writing every day??? It is always better to write worthwhile write-ups frequently instead of writing whatever daily for the sake of writing or competing or challenging.

    On second thought, you can challenge yourself to write small quotes or poems daily on Mirakee and YQ but for your blog, write bigger yet, worthwhile pieces.

    Keep writing!!!

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    • Thank you so much,, I too thought about the same… but have to keep writing to write big ones, as I am lazy to write a little longer one… Shall Keep trying for the same…. Thanx once again.. I knew you would be popping up with a solution…

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