Storms in the eyes

photo of person covered with brown textile

Photo by Noelle Otto on

Storms in my eyes

silenced by my smile

all I could do was to be silent

as with silence, my thoughts bloomed

pains vanish away, as my words begin to flow

the mellow of peace reigned underneath my skin

all I did was weave a story along

that never faded a smile on any face

Even when pricked by the most painful words

I made a garland out of all the words that went unsaid.



man in black long sleeved shirt and woman in black dress

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Timeless is love,

a purity undefined by words

nurtured by passion

never made for the ones who

never value the time or pace

patience is a virtue

that tests the love

hard to survive

yet never to lose

giving up makes one weak

swim across it, as it is perpetual

every drop of it

tastes like the first drop of rain

on a parched land.


Like a feather swaying in the wind

man and woman dancing on dock

Photo by Dejan Krstevski on

He took her feet on his

dancing away

swiftly like one feather on a single beat

she swayed along with him in his pace

their eyes never parting ways

even when their hearts elevated the

emotions to the highest

like on fire, they consumed together

in the tempo of their heart beat

which was synching with the music.

Happy Valentines Day

One day

You will find me all alive again

Now I would rather be picking pieces of me

Throwing away the trashed ones

As I do not want to carry them along

A heart still ailing in me

Craving for a life

Beyond the four walls

Once gathered

I shall send them away into the air

To explore what my humane could never….

Love is freedom

That no chains ever fascinates to stay.