Being a Write -To be ‘live’, than ‘alive’

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When my journey began ,

I never knew I could seriously fall in love with words

As I never romanced them.

Today, I fall in love with every word I see

I glue myself into the library but find it hard to read as my imaginations trigger me a lot, stimulating me to keep writing, as my thoughts are exploding inside me.

If today, one ask me to stop writing, it is like I am asked to be dead- I might stop breathing forever. It is hard for many to understand an artist. Mostly they are mistaken for their writings and especially if it is a lady, the criticism arrives more coated with Masala(spices).

It is quite difficult for artists to survive the critics and save themselves from all the blames and the fingers pointed to them. Yet again, it is hard to suppress their words, as they keep flowing irrespective of objections that arrive.

It is hurting at times, but again thanks to the followers, be it just one or two or many, they keep them motivated and on toes to keep writing.

Everyone must understand, an artist cannot work with guidelines or rules, because their imaginations have no boundaries, that is why they can even relate to the world outside even being enclosed in the four walls of a room.

Today is World Radio Day, I dedicate the wonderful RJs across the world, who are artists who could spill their words reaching thousands of strangers.

One day, I shall be live too… than being just alive.


Awaited, I remain

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Untouched is the corners of my heart

whatever you do never fantasise me

as I am in a liberated state…

frozen is my soul

locked by someone

unknown to the world

I rented my heart..

to someone, who lost the key

to it, on his way back home

awaited, I remain




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I am on a voyage

which seems endless

in the beginning

as I began

walking through various plains

wrecking and havocking the silence in me

I walked away from everything

just to be a vagabond

until I find you

where my journey ceases.


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A glance into me

you find the spark

that is still undying

it makes a fire in me

that stays never still

but sets everything on fire

as it touches …anything

soak me with water

or throw sand…I may never be put out

I enjoy the glitter in me

that ablaze me completely

which brings me alive

like a phoenix born-again.